Facebook Messenger: Sign the TOS or Shut Up


“Though I don’t discount the fact that the US government is doing a lot more spying on its own citizens than I think is necessary (or constitutional), it’s important to recognize that Facebook is a private company, one that now has a five-star rating from the Electronic Frontier Foundation for protecting your data from government requests. Facebook itself doesn’t have any incentive to secretly record your calls or access your phone’s camera for some insidious purposes—Facebook is a service, and it wants to make money, not blackmail its users.”

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The case for disruption

The CIO Leader

wrecking ball smashing wallCorporate IT is being disrupted. Technologies such as social, mobile and cloud have changed how consumers and businesses are using technology. They are also placing new demands on the IT function; technology is now more accessible to non-IT staff, awareness and knowledge of its application within the enterprise has never been higher and, as a result, neither have expectations about what can be achieved in terms of functionality and speed of delivery.

The digital business has to be agile; it needs to be able to respond quickly to changing market conditions, customer preferences or competitor activity. But the traditional IT function is not set up to be agile; it is weighed down by the baggage it has collected over the past 20-30 years when technologies such as social, mobile and cloud did not even exist and when the rest of the business had different needs and expectations of its IT…

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